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Advanced demodectic mange

Berry Haven Veterinary Group Medical Case

Demodex mites are microscopic and cause very severe skin problems in some dogs.
Jack was presented to us after his skin condition had got to a stage which was unbearable for both him and his owners.

Jacks whole body was covered in greasy, infected and flaky skin. The smell was something else!

We did some skin scrapes and saw large numbers of live Demodex mites. A Dif Quik stain of the skin revealed large numbers of bacteria in and around the skin cells.

We started Jack on 6 weeks of antibiotics (Cephalexin) and gave Ivomectin daily. Soon into the treatment, Bayer released new date showing the effectives of Advocate in the treatment of Demodex, so this was added to the treatment regime.

Jack was washed 3 times a week in Pyohex shampoo to kill all the bacteria that often accompany Demodex infection.

By 3 weeks, his skin had improved markedly, but there were still some live Demodex mites on his skin although fewer in number. Jack had put on 4kg in weight. Treatment was unchanged.

By 8 weeks, there was new hair over the whole of his body. There was no infection and he was very bright and happy. There were only a couple of Demodex mites on skin scrapes so treatment was continued. It is planned to keep treating until we have no mites on 2 consecutive skin scrapes a fortnight apart.

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