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Blood Transfusion

Berry Haven Veterinary Group Medical Case

Occasionally, we need to give a blood transfusion to a sick animal. Dogs are easier to transfuse than people and cats as an incorrect blood group does not often cause a reaction.

Common indications for a blood transfusion include

BHVG has several blood donor dogs and cats on the books. They belong to dedicated pet owners willing to be on call at short notice. The donor is sedated and blood is collected from the jugular vein into a special bag which holds 500mls (1 unit) of blood.

The bag is gently rocked whilst it is filling up to make sure it mixes with a chemical to stop it clotting (anti-coagulant).

Once collected, the bag containing the blood is connected to an intra-venous drip and allowed to flow into the pet's veins.

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