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Broken toe (metacarpals)

Berry Haven Veterinary Group Surgical Case

Poor Susie was having a ball when she slipped and lost her footing whilst on a coffee table. She fell awkwardly and was not able to put any weight on her foot.

X-rays showed she had fractured two of the bones in her foot between the wrist and knuckles (metacarpals).

We gave Susie a light anaesthetic and placed a splint on her leg. The unbroken toes on either side of the broken toes act like a splint keeping the area stabel while healing takes place.She was a bit sleepy for a few hours.

We left the splint on for a few weeks with one or more bandage changes along the way.

NB The pink bandage matches her pink hairdo

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Ortho fracture 1
Ortho fracture 2
Ortho fracture 3