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Bruised eyes

Berry Haven Veterinary Group Medical Case

Jack was presented with some very sore eyes after having been to the groomers the day before. They had used a new shampoo which had got into his eyes.

He was squinting and rubbing his face. When we pulled back the loose skin on top of his head, we could see the whites of his eyes were all bloodshot. A special stain (Flourescine) was placed in the eyes to rule out any damage to the corneas e.g. ulceration. Under ultra-violet light, there was no stain adhering to the cornea, ruling out an ulcer.

We placed some cortisone drops in Jack's eyes (Maxidex) every 2 hours and gave him a none-steroidal anti-inflammatory injection (Metacam). The next day, his eyes were back to normal.

We suspect some of the shampoo had got into his eyes and caused a reaction.

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