Hospital Cases

Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Tiger was presented 15 months previously for a Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) on his nose. We treated it using cryosurgery which involved freezing it by applying a liquid nitrogen frozen tip to it. At 2 weeks post op, it looked like it was healing very well.

However, the right nostril lesion continued to re-grow despite a second go at cryosurgery 15 months later. At 2 weeks post op, it appeared to be healing but there was one small area of ulcerated skin which refused to heal. It slowly got bigger a few months later it was starting to destroy normal healthy tissue

We decided to try a new technique. Tiger was anaesthetised and we used a special instrument called a curette (like a small spoon with very sharp edges) to scrape out all the cancer tissue. We then applied an electrocautery tip to burn the base where we had just scraped away the SCC. We then scraped the burnt tissue away with the curette and burnt the next layer down.

By 4 weeks post op, the areas was healing very well although the right nostril opening was a bit narrowed by a thin piece of scar tissue. We plan to trim this away at his next visit provided there is no evidence of re-growth.

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