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Feline acne

Tigs was presented with a nasty infection on the chin which was sore to touch and oozed serum and pus. There where a number of small black scabs, pimples and blackheads present. We diagnosed feline acne which is a relatively common complaint in cats.

We tried washing the area in Malaseb and applying Panolog ointment and started Tigs on Doxycycline antibiotics. After 7 days, there was only slight improvement.

We decided to give TIGS and anaesthetic and give the blackheads and pustules a good squeeze and cleanout with Malaseb to remove the dead material in the skin which can sometimes cause a foreign body reaction. After the wash, we applied Panolog ointment to the sore area.

At recheck 7 days later, the chin looked much better and 3 weeks later was nearly healed. To prevent reoccurrence, the owner keeps washing the chin in Malaseb shampoo twice a week and applies the occasional Panolog ointment on the area.

We also changed Tigs' food bowls to stainless steel just in case there was an allergy reaction to plastic

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