Hospital Cases

Fish hook in tongue

Sam was walking with his owner at the local beach when he picked up discarded bait lying on the sand. He decided to eat the bait not realising it was attached to a large steel hook. His owner tried to stop him but before he got to Sam, he had swallowed the bait and was in a great deal of distress.

On presentation, Sam was very sore around the throat and resented having his mouth opened. He was pawing at his mouth and salivating excessively. Sam was given a short acting IV anaesthetic and we found a large fish hook stuck in his tongue. We cut the hook in halve and then pushed the barbed end right through the tongue. Trying to pull backwards on a firmly held barbed hook causes too much damage- it is better to push to right through the tissue it is lodged in.

Sam woke up well and although his tongue was a bit sore, he was eating later that night. We gave him some antibiotics to make sure the wound did not get infected.

Fisherman need to take greater care on beaches with baits and hooks

If your dog swallows a hook and fishing line, do not pull on the line if it is sticking out of the mouth. Sometimes the hook is stuck in the stomach or oesophagus and pulling on it causes great damage. Seek medical help ASAP

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