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Head trauma

Walter was helping Mum and Dad unpack into their new house late one night when part of the heavy furniture fell on top of his head. His parents rang Mark straight away and he was seen at the Shoalhaven Heads Clinic. Mark placed him on oxygen before anything else was done.

A quick examination showed Walter was disorientated and having the occasional seizure. He was also weak down his right side. His pupils were equal in size and responded to a bright light being shone in them, which was a good sign.

Mark suspected a bleed into the brain or a blood clot putting pressure on his brain. There was a possibility of a skull fracture but no uneven parts of the skull could be palpated. Walter was given some pain relief and anti-convulsing drugs.

Mark setup an IV drip which he ran at low levels to avoid raising the blood pressure too much and causing more bleeding onto the brain. He injected some intravenous frusemide (a diuretic) to try and lower the blood pressure and reduce the amount of bleeding as well as take away some of the brain swelling.

An oxygen tube was placed up Walter’s nostril and kept in place with some superglue. He was given more anti-convulsing drugs during the evening and was kept propped up on his chest with his head just level with his body to try and avoid changes in the blood pressure inside his brain. X-rays failed to show any skull or neck injuries.

He made gradual small improvements each day, and his reflexes and strength increased with physiotherapy 3 times a day.

His biggest moment was when his best mate came down from Sydney for a special visit- he almost stood up on all four legs and devoured a meal all by himself. After that, there was no stopping him and he went home 2 days later.

The video shows Walter approx. 1 week after the injury. He was looking for our clinic cat, Tigs, and possibly her food bowl. He has slight weakness down his right side but we feel he will be close to normal over the next few weeks.

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