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Hot spot involving the whole body

Rufus, a 12 year old male Labrador cross, was presented in a terrible state after being rescued from a property where he was not being looked after at all.

He had infected weeping ulcerated hot spots over his whole body. He was depressed and off his food and had lost weight.

We placed Rufus on a IV drip and gave him a general anaesthetic. It took 2 nurses with 2 sets of clippers 2 hours to shave and scrub all the hot spots. We washed all the hot spots in Pyohex shampoo and left it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Once the clipping and scrubbing was complete, we applied a cortisone antibiotic cream (Neocort)over his whole body to minimise clipper rash.

His ears were full of pus, and a stain revealed a heavy infection of staphylococcus (staph) bacteria. Skin scrapes were negative for demodex mange.

We gave Rufus an injection of antibiotic (Amoxyclav) and a long acting cortisone injection (Dexamethasone LA) to settle the intense itchiness (pruritis). By the afternoon, the skin was already 100% improved; much less angriness and weeping.

At checkup 3 days later, Rufus was a new dog- much happier and eating well in his new home. His new owners washed his body twice a day with Pyohex and kept him on antibiotics for 3 weeks.

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