Hospital Cases

Malassezia ear infection

Case 1

Bruce presented with a sore left ear that had a black waxy discharge and a greasy smell. It was causing her a lot of irritation.

Using the Dif Quik Stain technique, we examined a smear taken from her ear under the microscope. We could see lots of Malassezia yeasts- the pear shaped objects in the photo.

We treated Bruce with some ear drops (Topigen) and at re-check 10 days later; the ear had cleaned up nicely.

Case 2

Lex, a Cocker Spaniel, with droopy ears, had a bad smell coming from both of his ears. On examination, there was a black greasy discharge present.

A Dif Quik Stain revealed large numbers of Malassezia yeasts. They appeared as purple stained pear shaped organisms mixed with cells and wax from the ear canal.

Again, we used Topigen drops for 10 days and both ears were looking nice and clean at check-up.

Footnote: For dogs with re-occurring yeast and mild bacterial ear infections, we recommend the use of Malaseb Shampoo as an ear wash (1ml of Malaseb shampoo to 30mls of water).

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Microscope yeast 2
Microscope yeast 1