Hospital Cases

Osteosarcoma of the elbow

Lucy, a 6 year bull mastiff, was presented with a lame foreleg of 10 days duration.

There were no other health problems. On close examination, there was slight swelling and heat in the elbow.

We sedated Lucy and took x-rays. The elbow x-rays showed destruction of bone in the elbow joint. Chest x-rays showed a large solid mass in the mid chest.

We suspect Lucy has a malignant lung tumour (possibly an osteosarcoma) which had spread to the elbow joint (as per communication from Rob Nicholl of Veterinary Imaging Associates).  

She has a very poor prognosis especially as there is spread of the cancer to the elbow. Lucy is on a very strong pain killer which is making her comfortable until it is time to be kind to her.

Bone and lung tumours have a very poor prognosis, even with early detection as in this case.

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