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Dogs and cats have tonsil, just like humans. Jack, a 2 year old terrier, was presented for a harsh hacking cough of 5 days duration.

The owner was worried that he may have had something stuck in his throat. We decided to give Jack a very light anesthetic and have a quick look. On examining his throat, we found some very enlarged and inflamed tonsils.

Jack was placed on an antibiotic, Vibravet. It contains a tetracycline which is renowned for its effectiveness in respiratory tract infections.

At check-up 5 days later, the cough had gone and Jack was back to his usual self.

Tonsils are an important part of the defense system in mouths. They can get enlarged and inflamed when they are overcome by bacteria. They normally reside in a small pocket of tissue in the back of the throat.

When enlarged, they stand out and are very easy to see on examination of the throat. Quite often, the lymph nodes (glands) under the jaw are inflamed and swollen as well.

It is very rare that we need to remove tonsils as most cases respond to antibiotics and rest.

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