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Trench mouth and a broken jaw

Junior presented to us late one evening in a great deal of pain. It had happened suddenly. He was very sore when examined around the mouth. From a quick glimpse of some rotten teeth and an obvious horrible breath, we suspected one or more tooth abscesses were the problem. We admitted him for an anaesthetic and examination.

We found Junior had what we term "trench mouth" where nearly all the teeth are rotten and/or lose and there is severe inflammation/infection of the gums. On closer examination, we found he also had a fractured lower left jaw bone.

We suspect the infected tooth in this region had affected the surrounding bone making it weaker than normal. A small bump to the jaw, or biting on something hard, may have been the last straw. Once we had removed the rotten teeth and cleaned up the gums, we placed a stainless steel loop of wire through the two broken ends of bone and tightened it.

The next morning, Junior was up and wagging his tail and woofed down 2 bowls of soft food with no problems what-so-ever. We plan to remove the wire in 6 weeks time.

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