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Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Chloe, an 11.5 year old Labrador presented with a fast growing mass over her right hip. A needle biopsy of the lump revealed cancer cells. She appeared to be in good health. There was also a smaller soft mobile lump just in front of the bigger one, which on examination of a needle biopsy turned out to be fatty in content (lipoma).

Chloe was placed on an IV fluid drip and anaesthetised with IV Alfaxan followed by Isoflurane gas. A skin incision was made over the tumour. Using blunt dissection and tying off blood vessels attached to the tumour, it was eventually removed after approx. 45 minutes. The underlying tissue was then sutured together using approx 20 dissolving sutures.

There was enough skin left behind to close without excess tension. A darin was placed in the wound and removed 4 days after the surgery.

The tumour was sent for pathology testing and came back as a soft tissue sarcoma which was more likely to regrow in the same area rather than spread to other parts of the body.

At 10 days post op, the skin stitches were removed. Chloe was a much brighter and happier dog and was eating like a trooper.

The plan is to monitor the area regularly and give Chloe regular health checks to pick up any signs of regrowth or spread of the tumour.

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