Hospital Cases

Bone stuck in throat

Sally presented on a quiet Friday afternoon in great distress.

She had been chewing on a bone when she suddenly decided to swallow it in one piece. The bone got stuck in the food tube connecting the mouth to the stomach (oesophagus).

It had some sharp edges and caused bleeding from the oesophagus that went back upwards into her mouth and nostrils.

Mark sedated Sally (ACP and Butorphanol SCI) and took an x-ray to check exactly where the bone was. It was in the oeshgus just below the vocie box (larynx).

After placing Sally on a drip, she was anesthetised with an IV drug (Alfaxan) and placed on a gas (Isoflurane) anaesthetic. Luckily, we were able to get an breathing tube into her windpipe as her vocal cords were not obstructed by the bone; it was further down the throat behind the larnynx.

We were worried that with the amount of bleeding there may be a tear in the oesopagus.

Mark made an incision along the midline of Sally's neck and gently worked his way down to the trachea and oesphagus. He found a large bone had wedged itself just behind the larnynx. By gently squeezing the oesphagus below the bone, he was able to push it forward, over the larnynx and into the back of the mouth where using a pair of forceps he was able to extarct it.

Mark inspected the oesphagus to make sure it had not been torn by the sharp bone edges before closing the wound.

Sally made a great recovery and was standing up and wagging her tail 30 mins after waking up. What a tough dog!

She was placed on soft food for 10 days and had her stitches taken out 10 days later.

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Sally at the onset
Sally hodgekiss xray
Sally hodgekiss xray labelled
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