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Cat abscess

Berry Haven Veterinary Group Surgical Case

Monty presented with a nasty abscess on the top and side of his head. It had spread from an initial injury to the top of head a week earlier. He was slightly off colour and had a poor appetite.

We gave him an anaesthetic and trimmed off the dead skin on the side of his face. We then cleaned the infection out and placed a rubber drainage tube (Penrose drain) under the skin before stitching the edges together.

We are removing the drain in 4 days and the stiches come out in 10-12 days. Monty was much happier the next morning and woofed down his breakfast.

N.B. Most cat bites/scratches result in an abscess a few days later. If you suspect your cat has been in a fight e.g. heard a fight late last night and the cat is limping or slightly off colour this morning, it's well worth making a trip to your vet to get him/her checked over and onto some antibiotics before an abscess develops.

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