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Cherry eye operation

Berry Haven Veterinary Group Surgical Case

Bundy had a problem where his third eyelid was protruding outwards i.e. prolapsed. We tried to replace it a few times under local anaesthetic but it kept on "popping out".

We decided it was best to do some surgery to put the third eyelid back in its correct position. The problem with cherry eye cases is swelling of the gland at the base of the third eyelid. This gland gets so swollen that it "falls out" of its pocket deep in the corner of the eye next to the nose and drags the third eyelid with it.

Bundy was placed on an IV drip and placed under anaesthetic using Alfaxan and 2% Isoflurane. The third eyelid is gently pulled outwards, the enlarged gland is held in some forceps and two parallel incisions are made just below the gland on the inside surface of the third eyelid. Using blunt dissection, we made a pocket under these incisions where we then placed the swollen gland.

A fine suture, Vicryl 4-0, was tied to the outside of the third eyelid surface level with one end of the two parallel incisions. The suture was passed through the third eyelid to the inside surface. At this stage, we started an inverting continuous suture pattern which "buried" the swollen gland in a new pocket.

Once the suture reached the other end, it is passed back through the third eyelid to the outer surface where it is tied off.

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