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Corn Cob in Stomach

Jake swallowed a corn cob a few weeks ago and although he was not too ill, he did have repeated vomiting episodes with food and sometimes just bile and froth.

We decided to do a barium series of xrays to see if he had the corn cob in his stomach as plain xrays did not show evidence of it in his intestines.

Barium is a thick chalky solution which shows up very well on xrays as a white liquid. It coats and sticks to rough surfaces very well.

We gave Jake 20mls of barium and took xrays every 15 minutes. After 1 hour, we could see that there was still some barium in the stomach coating a rectangular shape. It was still present 3 hours later whihc gave us enough information to be sure there was a corn cob still in the stomach.

Jake was placed on an IV drip and anaesthetised with IV Alfaxan and then placed onto Isoflurane gas. Mark made an incision into the abdomen and located the stomach. The corn cob could be felt inside the stomach. An incision was made into the stomach wall (a gastrotomy) and the corn cob was removed. The incision was closed with a double layer inverting pattern using dissolving Monosyn suture. The area was flushed with saline and antibiotic.

Jake was not allowed food or water for 36 hours so he was kept on the IV drip to prevent dehydration. After 36 hours, we started Jakes on a sloppy high energy food which he devoured.

He was discharged 48 hours post op and made a great recovery.

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