Hospital Cases

Abscess on a dog’s shoulder

Berry Haven Veterinary Group Surgical Case

Rolex was presented with a large fluid filled swelling over his left shoulder. He had been in a dog fight about 1 week ago but the owner thought there had been no injuries. We clipped the area and inserted a needle and found the swelling was full of pus. We suspected he had received a bite and it had got infected.

We anaesthetised Rolex and using blunt dissection, opened up the large abscess. We drained out approx. 150mls of pus. There was no foreign body in the abscess.

We placed a special rubber drain (penrose drain) in the abscess above and below the swelling. Rolex was placed on strong antibiotics- Flagyl and Clavulox

We removed the drain 4 days later. There was some swelling for a few days but it resided. The abscess was fully healed by 10 days.

We see abscesses quite commonly in practice. They are mostly seen in cats following a cat fight. In dogs, the most common causes of abscesses are grass seed penetration and dog fight wounds.

If you suspect your dog or cat has been in a fight, take it to the vet immediately for antibiotics and pain killers. If treated early enough, a large abscess and surgery can be avoided.

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