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Fractured Tibias

Poor young Little Girl presented with sudden hindleg weakness. Initially, we were thinking another paralysis tick case, but on examination we found she had broken both tibias in her hindlegs in approximately the same position.

We decided to pin both hindlegs using special metal pins. Mark incised over the fracture site to find the broken ends of bone.

Once he found the end of the top half of the tibia, he placed a suitably sized intra-medullary pin up through the middle of the tibia (in the medullary cavity where bone marrow resides). Keeping the knee (stifle) bent, the pin came out just below and to the side of the tendon attached to the kneecap (patella).

The pin was then pulled up through the top of the tibia while the bottom part of the broken tibia was aligned with the top half. Once reasonable alignment was present, Mark drove the pin back down into the lower half. Using a second pin of the same length as a guide, Mark was able to tell when the pin was in the very end of the lower tibia.

Due to some instability in the left tibia, a second small pin (K-wire) was placed alongside the larger pin to decrease the rotation that was present. A loop of stainless steel wire (cerlcage wire) was placed around the fracture sites to reduce rotation of the fragments around the pin.

Both surgery sites were flushed with saline and an antibiotic, and Little Girl was given some injectable pain relief and antibiotic.

Both legs were bandaged in a Robert Jones Dressing to provide additional support while the bones healed.

The bandages were changed at 2 weeks and removed at 4 weeks when x-rays showed new bone formation (callus).

Little Girl has gone home on strict cage rest for the next 3-4 weeks but appears to healed very well form a nasty situation.

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