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Stone in the intestine

Mercury was presented for severe vomiting. He had been seen eating some garden rocks earlier in the day and had already vomited several of them prior to her visit. He was very uncomfortable when we palpated his abdomen, and he was a lot quieter than normal.

An X-ray showed two stones- one in the stomach and one in the descending colon.

We gave Mercury some drugs to make him vomit but all that came up was some grass he had been eating in an attempt to get rid of them himself.

We decided to perform an exploratory laparotomy to remove the stones. We placed Mercury on an IV drip beforehand to correct his fluid and electrolyte losses.

Once inside his abdomen, we found the rock in the stomach had already started moving down the intestines and was stretching them badly on its way.

We made an incision in the intestine (enterotomy) to remove the rock, and then closed the hole we made with a two layer inverting suture technique (Connell-Cushing) to avoid spillage of intestinal contents out through the hole while it is healing. We packed the surgical site with an antibiotic (Benacillin) and wrapped the incision in omentum (the web like fatty tissue that covers abdominal contents. The omentum has great healing and sealing properties so it seals any small leaks should they appear at the surgical site.

The smaller rock was already in the descending colon so we were able to massage it towards his bottom where a nurse removed it.

We gave Mercury an antibiotic injection (Amoxyclav) and post op pain relief. He stayed on a drip for 2 days, and then went home on a liquid slurry diet- no bones or dry food. Mercury was given oral antibiotics (Amoxyclav) to take at home

Mercury made a great recovery, and at a recheck 3 days he later looked fit and healthy, although a little sore.

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