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Eyelid tumour removal

Lady was presented to us for a very sore right eye. The cause of the problem was a benign wart growing on the upper eyelid which rubbed against the eyeball each time she blinked. We used the electrocautery unit to make an "H" shaped incision n which the wart was in the bottom half of the "H"

The wart and adjacent skin was removed leaving a square deficit in the upper eyelid region. If this gap is not filled, the eyelid losses it’s shaped and collapses. To prevent this happening, the upper half of the "H" is moved downwards into the gap and stitched in place.

Recovery was uneventful and the stitches were removed 12 days later.

This procedure is called a sliding flap technique and is used wherever a large defect has to be filed for cosmetic reasons.     

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Tumour eyelid 8
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