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Foot tumour

Jackie presented with a rapidly growing tumour on her back leg. She was in good health and did not seem bothered by it. It looked pretty nasty and we were worried it was malignant and may have spread to other parts of her body.

Before deciding between an amputation or an attempt to remove the tumour form the toes it, we ran some blood tests and x- rays of the chest looking for evidence of any spread to other parts of the body. All the blood test and x-rays were clear. A needle biopsy of the lump failed to show any malignant cells so we decided to have a go at removing the tumour from the toes.

Lucy was placed on an IV drip and anesthetised with IV Alfaxan then placed on Isoflurane gas. Using our new electrocautery unit, we carefully dissected the mass from the toes leaving a lagish skin defect. The surgery took approx. 1 hour to complete.

We packed the wound with a special cream for burn victims (Flamazine) and bandaged it for 3 days. At the first bandage change, the wound was a bit messy so we cleaned it up with sterile saline and repacked it with Flamazine. At the second bandage change, it looked a lot healthier and the skin defect had filled in with granulation tissue. By the third change, new skin could be seen to be growing in from the edges.

After 2 weeks, we removed the dressing entirely and Lucy was walking well on the leg. She had an Elizabethan collar put on and we envisage it will be all healed within the next 2 weeks

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