Hospital Cases

Fractured Metatarsals (Foot)

Max, a 5 year old cat, was presented with fractures to two metatarsal bones (between the ankle and the toes) in  the left hind foot. Although the cause of his injury was unknown, it was suspected that he had been hit by a car.

Max was prepared for surgery and given anesthetic gases (Isoflurane and Oxygen). Tendons and blood vessels had to be retracted to the side to allow for the insertion of 2 small pins (K-wires) into the metatarsals and to get correct alignment of the bones. The pins were then trimmed close to distal metatarsals.
The wound was flushed with antibiotics prior to closure.

A half cast was applied to the rear of the foot and a bandage applied. Max was given injections for pain relief and antibiotic injections.

Over the next few weeks and a few bandage changes later, the foot healed. The skin defect closed completely without a skin graft. Fresh x-rays are planned for 1 months time to determine if the pins need to be removed or not.

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Ortho fx mtarsal 5
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