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Gastric impaction

Sneaky Sophie found a nice bag of tasty chook food at her neighbour's place. Being the true Labrador that she is, she set out to see how much she could swallow in one setting.

The only problem was she got quite thirsty afterwards and drank a lot of water, which made all the chook food in her stomach form into a large semi firm mass. This mass of food set firmly and stopped her form wither vomiting it up or passing it further into her intestines.

Despite eating a lot of grass and drinking more and more water, she was in still feeling uncomfortable and had no energy. Sophie was vomiting a few times during the day.

X-rays showed a very distended stomach full of food. A second lot of x-rays 24 hours later were not much better. Because her stomach was so distended and she was weak, it was feared giving her something to make her vomit might either rupture the stomach wall or cause her to choke.

Sophie was placed on an IV drip an anesthetised with IV Alfaxan the placed on Isoflurane gas. Mark made an incision onto her stomach wall which was held open by some sutures while Mark used a sterile spoon to slowly remove the firmly set chook food.

Mark then closed the stomach incision using a double layer of inverting sutures to ensure no leakage occurred. The area was cleaned with sterile saline and an antibiotic powder was spread around the site. A fresh surgical kit was opened and the muscles, fat and skin layers were sutured closed.

Sophie was given injections of antibiotic and pain relief. Overnight she was quite comfortable and at 1130pm was sitting up relatively bright.

The next morning, Sophie went out for a short walk and was actually pulling on the lead. She was not allowed anything by mouth for the first 24 hours. After that, Sophie was given a liquidised intensive care diet and went from strength to strength. She went home on day 3 and at check-up was full of beans and eating well.

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