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Infected knee (stifle)

Mate was presented to us as a second opinion. He had undergone 2 previous operations on his knee (stifle) to repair a ruptured cruciate ligament. He was in a lot of pain and not putting any weight on the leg despite being on anti-inflammatory drugs. X-rays revealed bony changes suggestive of an infection and/or foreign body reaction inside the joint.

We suspected the nylon suture inside his stifle from the previous surgeries was a source of infection and/or causing a foreign body reaction. We ordered some special antibiotic (Gentamycin) impregnated beads for the Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney.

At surgery, we removed the offending thick nylon suture and took a swab of the fluid inside the stifle for a culture. We packed the stifle with some antibiotic powder, then placed the Septopal beads inside the joint when closing.

At 10 days post op, Mate was a different dog. He was much happier and already starting to put weight on the leg. The culture was negative for bacteria, but we did not discount an infection as sometimes there are false negative results.

At 6 weeks post op. we anaesthetised Mate once more to remove the beads. To date, he has had good use of the leg and is not on any anti-inflammatory drugs.

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