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Large Lipoma Removal

Buster had a large, very slow growing fatty tumour (lipoma) on his right chest wall. Previous needle biopsies revealed it was composed of fatty tissue.

We decided to remove the lipoma as it was slowing him down and his right elbow would bang into it when walking and running.

Buster was placed on an IV drip and given IV Alfaxan to anaesthetise him, then placed on Isoflurane gas to keep him asleep. Mark made a long incision over the lipoma and bluntly dissected down to its capsule underneath the skin.

Using his fingers to shell out the lump, Mark was left with a large defect to close. He placed a rubber Penrose drain in the wound to remove any fluid buildup whilst healing.

The tissue underneath the skin was brought together using approx. 30 single dissolving sutures. At this stage, the skin edges were adjacent to each other.

To speed up surgery time, Mark used skin staples to close the skin wound and left one end of the Penrose drain exiting through a separate incision below the skin wound.

Buster was given some nice pain killers upon wakening, and an injection of antibiotic.

He went home the next day after having more IV fluids to make sure the anaesthetic was out of his system and the kidneys had had a good flush.

Buster went home on antibiotics (Cephalexin) and pain killers (Tramadol). The drain was removed 4 days later. Some fluid had been draining from the wound.

The staples were removed 10 days post op and the wound healed beautifully.

Buster was a much happier dog and was last seen running around the paddock helping his Dad with his farming chores.

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