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Large Soft Tissue Tumour in Right Elbow

Jeff, a 12 year old Cattle dog presented with a slow growing large tumour on his right elbow. It had been previously removed 2 years ago at another vets and been given a poor prognosis with regards to it re-growing.

Jeff is still an active and happy dog, but the tumour was unsightly and starting to slow him down. Xrays of his chest were clear. Blood tests showed his liver and kidneys were working well.

It was decided that if the tumour had taken 2 years to re-grow, removing it again would hopefully give Jeff another 2 years of quality life.

Jeff was placed on an IV drip and anaesthetised with IV Alfaxan and then placed on 2% Isoflurane gas. His arterial blood pressure stayed around 100mmHg most of the time. When his blood pressure dropped to 80mmHg the IV fluid rate was increased to bring it back up so his kidneys kept functioning well.

We made an elliptical incision over the tumour so there was some skin left to close the wound. This ellipse of skin contained the damaged skin that had been stretched by the tumour growth and did not look healthy.

The tumour had a capsule around it, and it was slowly dissected out while tying off many blood vessels. It extended around the elbow and into the armpit (axilla). The tumour appeared to originate from the tough connective tissue on the outside edge of the elbow joint.

The area was flushed with sterile saline and a rubber drain (Penrose) was placed in the empty space to allow drainage of bloody fluid over the next few days.

Jeff was given post op pain relief and antibiotics. He woke up very well and was kept on a drip overnight to ensure his kidneys got a good "flushing out". The next day, Jeff was up an wagging his tail and could not wait to get home.

He was given an Elizabethan collar in case he chewed his stitches, but it was not required. At drain removal the wound looked great with no breakdown and minimal bruising and swelling.

At stitches out 12 days post op, the leg looked fully healed and Jeff and his owner were very happy.

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