Hospital Cases

Liver tumour removal

Jack's Liver and Spleen Surgery

Jack, a 10 year old dog, had been off colour for a few days with an uspet stomach, lethargy and discomfort in the abdomen. He appeared to make a recovery over a long weekend but was not 100% at a recheck.

Mark was able to palpate a large firm mass in Jack's abdomen. Chest xrays were clear but a large mass could be seen in the abdomen.

Mark decided to have a look inside to see if anything could be done.

At surgery, Jack had a large firm tumour growing on the edge of his liver. There was also a small tumour growing on his spleen. Mark removed the affected part of the liver after checking the rest of the liver looked normal.

The spleen was then removed in case the small tumour turned into something bigger. 

Jack went on to make a great recovery and was back to his bouncy self in a few days.

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