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Mast cell tumour removal

Jerry was presented for a small rapidly growing mass on his lower chest wall. It smelt infected and was quite inflamed. Because of its appearance and history, we suspected a nasty malignant type of tumour.

We took a good 3cm margin around the tumour and went down as low as possible beneath it to make sure all of it was removed.

We were left with a large oval shaped defect which we closed by changing it to a Y-shape. We placed several large thick dissolving sutures underneath the skin to bring the skin edges together without tension. The skin stitches were not under much tension.

The lump was sent for pathology and it was found to be a mast cell tumour which are highly malignant. Excision appeared to be complete.

Jerry has the stitches removed 14 days later and it healed very well. We have not seen any sign of re-growth to date.

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