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Paraphomosis (protrusion of the penis)

Frank was a 2 year old de-sexed Staffordshire Bull Terrier who had a problem where his penis would continuously hang out of the prepuce. It was getting damaged by the sun and air and was very bruised and sore. An earlier conservative attempt at surgical repair had not worked so we decided to move the whole of the skin surrounding his prepuce forward towards his belly button.

Using the electrocautery unit, we removed a crescent shaped piece of skin from in front of his penis. We then made incisions down each side of the prepuce from tip to base. We removed a second crescent shaped piece of skin at the base of his penis which was the same shape and size as the piece we removed at the front of his penis.

We then slid the loosened skin forward and stitched it to its new position. The hole through which Frank's penis was sticking out was too big, so we trimmed its edges and made it much smaller.

The skin wound at the base of the penis was left open as it was designed to relief tension in the moved skin flap. The owners placed a special cream on the wound twice a day to help healing. Frank had an Elizabethan collar placed on his head to stop him linking the wounds. The wound eventually closed after 3 weeks.

At stitches out, the owners were very happy to say Frank's penis had not been "stuck out" since the surgery and he was a much happier dog. He was able to urinate properly.

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