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Surgery to Remove a Facial Tumour

Maxine, a 12 year old poodle, had a rapidly growing tumour on the forehead right next door to the left eye. We decided to remove it before it got to big and started pressing on the eyeball.

Because of its size and position, we were left with a sizeable gap when we removed the tumour using our electrocautery unit.

To fill the defect, we created a sliding flap of loose skin from the forehead.

The margins of the excision were extended up the forehead as 2 parallel lines, making a rectangular flap. We used sharp scissors to loosen its attachments underneath (keeping the major blood vessels attached to it though) before sliding it down the forehead to fill the gap.

Using very fine suture material, we stitched the flap into its new position for 14 days.

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Tumour eyelid 1
Tumour eyelid 2
Tumour eyelid 3
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Tumour eyelid 7