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Pyometra in a cat

Minx, a 12month old female cat was presented to us as she was very lethargic and had been passing blood from her vulva. She had not been desexed. The owners were not sure if she had been mated or not.

She had a large distended abdomen, her gums were slightly pale suggesting anaemia from blood loss and her temperature was 39.4.

We decided she most likely had an infection of the uterus (pyometra). We decided to go straight to surgery.

Minx was placed on an IV drip and given Alfaxan IV to induce an anaesthetic then placed on 2% Isoflurane to keep her asleep. Upon opening her abdomen, we found a large infected wound with no sign of kittens inside it.

We removed the uterus and gave her an antibiotic injection (Convenia) which lasted 3 weeks.
Minx made a great recovery by the next morning and went home. At stitches out, her gums were much pinker and she was a much happier and stronger cat.

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