Hospital Cases

Rabbit Hernia Repair

Loppy, a 6 year old male rabbit, presented with a large hernia in his scrotum. The actual swelling was his urinary bladder which had slipped through a hole in his abdomen wall and positioned itself in his scrotum.

It was difficult for him to urinate as his bladder was just under the skin and did not have the abdomen muscles around it to press down on it when it was time to pee. His family wanted the best for him, so we decided to repair the hernia.

Loppy was gassed down with Isoflurane gas, and Mark made an incision next to the hernia.

The bladder was encased in a very thin sac and had adhesions to the skin. In order to get the bladder back into the abdomen, Mark removed the adhesions and overlying sac then emptied the bladder with a needle and syringe before pushing it back through the hole into his abdomen.

The hernia was big enough for Mark to place his finger in. It was closed by using none-dissolving nylon sutures that overlapped the two edges of the hernia, so one muscle layer was on top of the other layer. This would give it a maximum change of scarring up and not reforming.

Loppy woke up very well form the surgery and was eating and urinating all night. He went home the next day and is due back later this week for his skin stitches to be removed.

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