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Ruptured Bladder

Johnny had been bought in after his owner accidently rolled over him in his car. He presented with soreness in the rear end but all vitals were normal. We took some bloods for testing which showed us that Johnny’s kidneys were struggling slightly.

After putting him on pain relief and fluids, we x-rayed his spine and hips to discover that he had a dislocated hip. We also checked that his bladder was ok. We could see it on the x-rays so we inserted a catheter to make sure he was producing urine. He produced plenty of urine through out the day so that night the catheter was removed.

The next Morning when the nurse arrived his vitals were taken again and again were normal. She noticed that his groin area had a lot of swelling so took him out to see if he could go to the toilet. Johnny didn't even think about urinating and after being on fluids all night this was highly unusual. We decided to try to catheterise him again but found that even though the catheter was in the bladder, we couldn't express any urine and it was not free flowing.The alarm bells started ringing so we took him straight in to x-ray his lower spine, hips and bladder again. We inserted air into the bladder but couldn't suck the air back out, a defining sign that the bladder had ruptured. The x-ray showed a very small deflated bladder so Johnny was taken into immediate surgery.

The fluid had seeped into the sub-cutaneous tissue, turning it a murky colour, hence the swelling. His Bladder had a 1.5cm tear in it. To close this up we used the connell-cushing inverting suture method then filled the bladder with saline to check for any leaks. We then flushed out his abdomen with saline several times and last of all an anti-biotic flush was used to clean all the urine out. The sub-cutaneous tissue began to turn back to its normal colouring so he was closed up and placed into a heated cage to recover.

That night Johnny was a lot more comfortable and passing urine freely again. The next morning more blood was taken and it showed the kidneys were working a lot better.  Johnny is now on the mend and will need further surgery at a later date to fix his dislocating hip.

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