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Skin Flap Rotation

Ginger was presented as a stray cat a couple of months ago. She had put her right foreleg through her cat collar and it had lacerated the skin in the armpit and caused a lot of damage.

She was not microchipped and was in season. No one came forward to claim her as their lost pet. Because she had a lovle temperament, we decided to give her a chance.

We desexed Ginger and tried to close the skin wound by freshening the edges, under-running the skin to make it looser and suturing the underlying tissue and skin together.

Unfortunately, the skin wound broke down and despite it being a smaller wound, it failed to heal over using special creams (Flamazine) deigned to make skin wounds close over.

We decided to perform a skin flap rotation taking loose skin off the back of the elbow (with its base still attached).

The skin edges of the defect were trimmed and the underlying tissue scraped with a scalep blade to promote healing

The loose flap of skin was rotated 90 degrees and sutured to the fresh skin defect edges.

A Penrose drain was placed underneath the surgery site to remove any blood or fluid buildup. The drain was removed 4 days later.

Ginger was given a long acting antibiotic injection (Convenia) and placed in strict confined rest with an Elizabethan collar on her head to prevent her from pulling the stitches out.

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