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Spleen Tumour

Zac was presented for lethargy and innapetance for the last 2 days. There was no history of upset stomach or coughing. His appetite and thirst had been the same up to a few days earlier.

His gum colour and refill time were normal and his pulse strong.

Zac's temperature was very high at 40.0 degrees.

Routine bloods were performed showing normal liver and kidney function, however, the haematology results showed he had lost blood - the percentage of his blood made up of red blood cells (Packed Cell Volume - PCV) was 32.8% (normally 37-55) and he had signs of new red blood cells (RBC) being made.

Xrays of the abdomen revealed a large rounded splenic tumour. There was no evidence of bleeding into the abdomen on xrays. The lungs appeared clear on chest xrays.

Zac was placed on an IV drip to correct any dehydration and build his strength up.

At surgery, we removed a 6cm diameter splenic tumour along with the remaining normal spleen. The liver looked normal and all his other organs appeared healthy.

Zac was given post op pain relief and antibiotics.

A pathology report on the tumour diagnosed a Splenic Lymphoma which has a much better outlook than a Haemangiosarcoma.

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