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Wobblers in a Doberman

Jack was presented to us on a few occasions over the last 2 years with neck pain and being slightly wobbly in all 4 legs. On previous occasions, plain X-rays did not really show any evidence of a slipped disc problem. After running bloods to make sure his liver and kidneys were functioning ok, we had placed Jack on cortisone tablets for a few weeks. This had resulted in good improvement in the past. However, this time around we did not get such a good response and he became more wobbly in the legs and had neck pain when it was extended.

We referred Jack to the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) in Sydney where Dr David Simpson looked after him. Dr Simpson injected a special dye into the space surrounding the spinal cord which highlights the spinal cord on x-rays.  The spinal cord, it was possible to see a marked "squeezing" on the spinal cord in his neck (at the 5th-6th inter-vertebral space)

Jack underwent surgery where Dr Simpson went in from below the spine to remove the bulging disc. He made a great recovery and has been off cortisone since. His leg movements have improved considerably and he is a much happier dog.


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