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BHVG posts out a quarterly newsletter to those living in the 2535 postcode (approx. 2,000 homes in and around Berry and Shoalhaven Heads)

We have placed the last few full colour issues below for your perusal.

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Puppy School

Your Very Special Trainer: Philippa Dakin

We are holding regular Puppy School at BHVG Shoalhaven heads Clinic. Between 8 and 12 weeks is the perfect time to join a puppy lifestyle training class.

From 8 – 16 weeks puppies learn patterns and behaviours that stay with them for life. They pay attention to you as their leader and want to please. This is a time when they start to experience the environment in all its diversity.

The aim of good puppy coaching is to encourage your puppy to become a well socialised and well-mannered member of your family as you embark on your lives together.

Benefits of puppy school include:

The present class is held on a Saturday at 4pm-5pm and a weekday class will be offered as needed.

Puppy School is held over a 4-week period. Each week is a progression from the previous week.

It’s a great time to hang out with your new puppy, meet other puppies and their humans, and develop a sound communication with your new puppy.

Philippa is an experienced and qualified veterinary nurse with a special interest and additional qualifications in animal behaviour and training. She has been running very successful Puppy Schools over the past 6 years.

For more information or to book your puppy into a class call BHVG on 4448 5621 or Philippa on 0410 309 776.

How Many Classes?

There are 4 classes at weekly intervals allowing both owners and their pets time to re-inforce the training in between classes. We find this has the maximum chance of a successful puppy schooling.

What About Further Training?

Philippa also conducts older puppy and adult dog training classes as well as one on one behaviour issues.

To have a chat to Philippa about oyur dog's requirements, call 0410 309 776.


Then book your new puppy in for one of our FREE Puppy Health Checks.

Call BHVG on  (02) 4448 5621 to book your puppy in for the next Puppy School Class and FREE Puppy Health Check

Privacy Policy

BHVG sends its reminders to a company (AYMS) who then print and post them out.

How we use and disclose your information

We respect your personal information and take active steps to protect it. We will only use or disclose personal information for the following purposes:
1. To provide our services;

2. When required to do so by law;

3. When referring you to a medical specialist;

4. To protect or defend our rights;

5. To process your inquiries and improve our services;

6. To develop existing and new products and services;

7. To maintain and update our business infrastructure and systems;

8. To our service provider (AYMS Australia Pty Ltd) to enable them to provide us with administrative and marketing services including the provision of medical reminder letters and providing you with information on the products and services offered by us or companies associated with us or related to your pet;

9. To advise you of additional services or information which may be of interest to you;

10. To promote and advertise our business, products and services to you.

By providing us with personal information you consent to us maintaining, using and disclosing your personal information in the way described.

If at any time you do not wish us to provide you with medical reminders or other additional services or information, you may opt out of further contact from us by sending our practice and email, fax or via telephone.

Professional Dog Grooming at BHVG

Aussie Pooch Mobile: Carey Mustow

Carey used to run a car repair firm, but his love of animals got the better of him. Now he has his own Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash and he and his daughter Katelin would love to see you.

Carey will be visiting BHVG on a weekly basis at our Shoalhaven Heads clinic. If you would like to book your dog in for a professional wash and clip, please phone BHVG on (02) 4448 5621

Alternatively, if you would like Carey and Katlein to visit you at home, he can be contacted on 0435 899 759 or 1300 369 369


Mobile 0435 899 759
Ph 1300 369 369


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New Client & Anaesthetic Consent Forms

New Client Form

If you are a new client to the area and would like to be placed on our database, please download the new client form and bring it along to BHVG. Our staff will be more than happy to place you and your pet(s) on our computer system and setup an annual health check, vaccine, worming and other reminders.

Anaesthetic Consent Form

If your pet is coming in for an operation, save time at the morning drop off by filling in this form. Also, double check there is nothing else that needs doing e.g. nail clip, express anal glands, trim hair from feet &/or face.

Opening and Consulting Hours

Shoalhaven Heads

2/133 Shoalhaven Heads Rd.
Shoalhaven Heads NSW 2535
Phone: (02) 4448 5621 (24 hours)

Mon to Fri:  8.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday:   9.00am to 12 noon

For those living in the 2535 postcode...

For those living in the Berry or outside of the 2535 postcode...

Consultations by appointment

Video Library

Please see below for a number of interesting cat and dog medical and surgical cases.

Privacy and Disclaimer

Whilst offerring readers an insight into the world of veterinary scinece at BHVG, the authors have provided a very basic level of information. Should your pet(s) have any specific conditions or problems, please consult your own vet(s) for more up to date and accurate treatment. The authors of can not be held responsible for any information that may be considered inaccurate or misleading.  

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Referral Service

We are very happy to have the excellent backup of various referral services for those cases requiring specialist care.

For soft tissue and orthopaedic cases

David owns and runs the North Parramatta Specialist Centre where he performs major soft tissue and orthopaedic operations. Our clients think the world of David, who is very dedicated to his profession and performs highly skilled operations. A great down to earth bloke.

For internal medicine cases

Vet oncology square borderAas borderSyd uni square border


Our Services

At the BerryHaven Veterinary Group (BHVG), we provide an extensive range of small animal services. To see what we have on offer, please download and read our Welcome to BHVG pamphlet (see below). Alternatively, you can click on the images below.

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Meet the staff
Hospital tour



Please see below a number of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please use the search at the top of our site, or send us an enquiry.

Shoalhaven Heads Vet and Berry Branch Clinic (BHVG) Tour

Welcome to the BerryHaven Veterinary Group

We have 2 clinics, one in Berry and the other in Shoalhaven Heads, NSW. Mark and the nurses look after small animals and offer a wide range of services. On this page, we have placed some photos of the practices and the equipment we use to diagnose and treat animals.

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Staff Photos

Shoalhaven Heads Vet Clinic (BHVG)

2/133 Shoalhaven Heads Rd.
Shoalhaven Heads NSW 2535
Phone: (02) 4448 5621

Mon to Fri: 8.00am to 6.00pm
Sat:          9.00am to 12noon

Consultations by appointment


This is what you said about us...

Hi Mark and team,
Thank you for the flowers you sent after our Dotty passed away. It was such a nice gesture and meant so much to us. A special thank you also to Simone who we called so early for assistance, she was wonderful and extremely professional. We remain with only our 2 indoor cats at the moment but the temptation to rescue some dogs is present.

Mark as you would know its no coincidence Dotty lived so long and we also wanted to thank you for your expertise since you took over from Steven Henry. We have always been in very competent hands.

Apologies for taking so long to get in touch. See you an our next visit and thanks again.

Scott and Wendy

Submission Confirmation

Thank you for your submission. We will be in contact with you soon.


To phone BHVG, call (02) 4448 5621

If you would like to make an online enquiry, please complete and submit the form below.

Meet the Staff

Mark Allison

200 mark

There is always something new and interesting in the world of vet science. Quite often "standard treatments" or "diagnostic techniques" are found to be outdated. New drugs come along and older ones disappear. That's why I listen to post graduate talks and attend conferences whenever possible. These days, I can sit down with a toastie and a glass of wine at home, and log onto a live online seminar beaming in from the USA- incredible! I can even applaud and ask questions to the speaker.

I have a passion for keeping up to date so I can offer all of my patients the latest care, and look after them as best as humanly possible.

In 1981, I graduated from the University of Sydney with approx. 80% males in my year (currently it is 95% females).  I started my career doing an Internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Sydney Uni. There was no Canine Parvovirus or Feline AIDS, and prescription diets did not exist. Heartworm had just started to appear in Sydney with almost 45% of un-protected dogs contracting the disease. Daily preventative tablets were the first products on the market, but had a 25% overall failure rate.

Pain relief was basic, and hardly any pets were placed on IV fluids during surgery. Blood pressure monitoring involved an invasive procedure only performed at specialist centres, and we could not measure blood oxygen levels during surgery. I did numerous "sex change" operations on male cats (female cats have wider plumbing so to speak) who were repeatedly getting blocked bladders from crystals forming in their urine. Ultrasound was science fiction. I used to regularly see Distemper affected dogs who looked like they had Rabies.

I spent 9 years in the UK where I received a Certificate in Small Animal Cardiology from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (London). At that time, it was just me and one other vet in practice in the UK with this degree. That was a very exciting period in my life, as referrals would come from far and away. I would visit local hospitals to see the brand new and hugely expensive cardiac ultrasound machines in action, and have a chat to the human cardiologists.

In 1991, I established Balgownie Veterinary Hospital in Wollongong, with my then partner, Stephanie. I worked there for 16 years building up a base of over 12,000 pets during that time. Following a partnership split, I became the first  Partner in Practice at the University of Sydney Veterinary School where I gave final year students an insight into life as a vet surgeon.

Before purchasing BHVG from Steve Henry in 2011, I did locum work close to Wollongong where my much loved children Hugh (18) and Margot (15) were based.

I have now been practising for 33 years - boy did that go fast! I play too much squash at Bomaderry Squash and Fitness, and enjoy organising teams to play in our local and Illawarra competitions. I love the latest mod cons of vet practice and look back at the early 80's and marvel at how things have changed so much. It's been a great journey.

Rebecca Bull



200 rebeccaRebecca recently moved to Shoalhaven Heads with her family. She worked the last 12 years at Rooty Hill Veterinary Hospital. Rebecca has a keen interest in wildlife and has a zoo keeping degree. She has pet snakes and a dog, Billy who keeps an eye on them. Rebecca is working part time while she raises a young family.

Welcome to Shoalhaven Heads Vet Clinic (BHVG)

Hi and welcome to the Berry Haven Veterinary Group (BHVG).

Right from graduation, I decided to be really good at small animal medicine and surgery and not spread my skills too thinly with mixed practice. As a result, BHVG only looks after small animals. I have over 35 years of small animal experience, and have been your local Illawarra and Shoalhaven vet for over 25 years. I know your line of thinking when it comes to pet care and treat client’s pets the same way I would treat my own.

I have lived in Berry and Shoalhaven Heads for the last 15 years, and enjoy playing tennis at Shoalhven Heads Tennis Club and squash at Gerringong Squash Club (Mick Cronin's Pub). Other vices include learning to surf, mountain bike riding & bush walking (and occasional ale).

BHVG has just one full time vet (me) and the occasional locum. That means you see the same vet each time you visit, just like I personally prefer to see my own dentist, GP, car mechanic and accountant (except when the bill arrives of course).

BHVG has some very experienced nurses; Rebecca, Veronique and Phillippa. All the staff have lived in the area for a very long time, and know the local pet health issues inside out. We have the backup of visiting specialists and referral vets for those very tricky cases.

Our fully equiped clinic is at Shoalhaven Heads with 24 hour emergency service.

I live approx 100 metres away from the clinic, so after hours consults and late evening check-ups on hospitalised cases are no problem.

Should you have any queries about your pet or wish to make an appointment, please contact me on (02) 4448 5621 or email

I would love to meet both you and your pet(s), have a chat and give you a tour of the clinic, and see how I can help you.


Mark Allison B.V.Sc. Cert S.A.C. Dip. Vet.Clin. Studies

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