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♥ Parvovirus alert
♥ $8,000 Bravecto give away day success
♥ Avoid buying a "dud pup"
♥Puppy school

Some very exciting news for all dog owners...

♥ FREE BRAVECTO DAY: Monday 16th Oct. 11am-1pm
♥ Avoid buying a dud pedigree puppy
♥ First snake bite of the season
♥ Aussie Pooch Mobile clip and wash at home

Lots of interesting news for you in this issue:
♥ New SDMA kidney test
♥ Bones? No go?
♥ Why are dental checks so important?
♥ Yesterday Today and Tomorrow poisoning
♥ Raw chicken- the myth!

Here's the latest newsletter from Mark's desk

♥ Raw chicken - the myth!
♥ Bones and pets
♥ New kidney test for senior pets (SDMA)
♥ New Parvovirus strain in Adelaide
♥ Bravecto offer- Buy 4 in 2017 and GET ONE FREE

Read about some very tricky cases Mark had last month...
♥ Walter the miracle dog
♥ Loppy the rabbit with his urinary bladder herniated into his scrotum

Bravecto offer- save 20% Buy 4 packs between 1/1/17 and 31/12/17 and GET ONE FREE!

See an incredibly detailed video of a pregnancy ultrasound, and follow 2 very interesting cases.
Also SAVE 20% on Bravecto

Sally choked on a large piece of grissle and was in dire trouble - see her amazing story. Also be aware of compost toxicity with greedy dogs.

Read about Sia (a gentle giant dog) saving a very sick dog with a blood transfusion, and a rare emergency bowel surgery.

Well it's got a bit of "goss" and lost of tips on your pet's health. So pop the kettle on, sit back and enjoy the read (no responsibility for the quality of the Dad jokes in the Autumn 2016 newsletter)

After some heavy rains and midl weather, we are right at the start of a serious paralysis tick season. Read up on the latest preventatives and symptoms to watch out for.
Also read about the history and updated information on canine heartworm, as well as a nasty foot tumour successfully removed.

Has your pet got a funny looking lump or bump? Read up on how to do the really thorough 5-step lump and bump check. Should you find something, then take up our offer of a FREE checkup at BHVG. Also read about 2 big cancer surgery cases that went very well.

Parvovirus is very much alike ot the Ebola virus in humans! Read about how it found its way aorund the globe and why it is so important ot vaccinate all dogs against its deadly effects. Also exciting news with the launch of Bravecto - a 3 monthly flea and parlaysis tick beefy chew for dogs.

Read up on the release of the first monthly oral beefy chew that prevents paralysis tick and fleas- NexGard. Also, some exciting changes to our equipment list and a very interesting medical emergency

Tick season is fast approaching- here's the latest update on prevention techniques. Also, the first food that changes a pet's DNA so they lose weight quicker. Plus, our FREE Senior Pet Health Checks offer.

Read about our new BHVG Life Charts, Senior Pet Health checks (10 surpising reasons as to why six month checkups are essential) and an interesting spinal surgery on a 4 month old puppy.

Read about the benfits of pet insurance, 3 recent cases of rat sac poisoning, the new Activly for total aflea control and increased thirst in pets

Read about the latest NRMA findings on car harnesses, heat stroke and obesity in pets, and see some interesting operations

An interesting heads-up on the the highly toxic Sago Palm Tree, and poor Ollie who ate a bag of chicken bones and required major bowel surgery

In this newsletter we focus on snake bites, Lyme disease in humand from ticks, and pet insurance. Enjoy the read

In this issue we talk about snakes and ticks, and the myth surrounding the feeding of raw chicken to pets.

In this issue we talk about common preventable illnesses and death in pets, heart disease, and some new products. Enjoy!

Read about the new Scalibor Paralysis Tick Collar, Heat Stroke, First Aid for Pets and Litlle Girl's double leg fracture

Lots of browse here from toxins at home to avoiding backyard breeders and puppy farms

Tick season has started early. Find out the latest information from Professor Rick Atwell (University of Queensland Veterinary School)

Our website now has over 350 pages of pet information and it is still gowing. Visit the surgical and medical cases and our famous Pet Photo Page at Facebook (can you find your pet there?)

Welcome to the very first online newsletter from our brand new website with over 250 pages of pet information. Check out our medical and surgical cases and Case of the Month. Also visit our fantastic online shopping deals with Obay.