Pet Illnesses

Diabetes: Feeding

As the daily dose of insulin is adjusted to meet the daily energy (glucose) needs of your pet, regularity in feeding is essential. Your pet should, therefore, always be fed at the same time with the same amount of the same diet. Ask your vet for advice on selecting a
commercial, low carbohydrate, high fibre diet.


Caninsulin is formulated in such a way that, after the animal is injected, there are two peaks of insulin activity. For this reason, dogs have to be fed twice daily. To ensure a uniform diet, it is preferable to use commercial diets only. However tempting, never give your pet any titbits or treats. This requires the co-operation of the whole family (and friends!).


The regime applying to dogs also applies to cats but there are a few differences. Cats sometimes simply refuse to change to another diet. If this is the case, seek advice from your vet. Some cats are used to eating small amounts throughout the entire day.
If your cat is used to this, again check with your vet.

Overweight pets

If they are overweight, both dogs and cats should be put on a diet to reduce their weight gradually.