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Antibiotic Pulsing Therapy

Sometimes, we see cases that have repeated bacterial infections despite all the best attempts to control it with shampoos, anti-biotics etc. It may be there is something wrong with the pet's immune system that allows bacteria to continually invade the skin.
In these cases, we suggest trying Pulsing Therapy. This entails use of a good antibiotic e.g. Clavulox, Cephalexin for 3-4 days on and 3-4 days off each week.
This is combined with use of Dermcare shampoos e.g. Pyohex, Malaseb and Aloveen, and a trial of anti-histamines
Good results can be achieved, but it can be an expensive long term solution. Cases should be thoroughly investigated beforehand to rule out other causes of the skin problem e.g. hormone imbalances, mange mites, yeasts.