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NEW! Bravecto Spot-on for Cats & Dogs

Finally! It's taken a while to be tested and approved, but here it is- the very first Spot-on product with:

♥ 6 MONTHS TICK & FLEA prevention for dogs

♥ 3 MONTHS TICK & FLEA prevention for cats - HURRAH!!!

Can you beleive it?

We finally have a proven effective and long-acting Spot-on tick preventative for cats and dogs.

No cat or dog should die of paralysis ticks

Bravecto Spot-on gets absorbed into the system in both cats and dogs and distributes itself throughout the whole body.

As soon as a flea or tick bites, it has a quick death.

Bravecto Spot on PLUS for cats (does intestinal worms as well!)

Avoid disappointment and call us on NOW on (02) 4448 5621 & PRE-ORDER A PACKET BEFORE TICK SEASON STARTS