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NEW!!! Bravecto Spot-on for Cats & Dogs

Finally! It's taken a while to be tested and approved, but here it is- the very first Spot-on product with:

♥ 6 MONTHS TICK & FLEA prevention for dogs

♥ 3 MONTHS TICK & FLEA prevention for cats - HURRAH!!!

Can you beleive it?

We finally have a proven effective and long-acting Spot-on tick preventative for cats and dogs.

No cat or dog should die of paralysis ticks

Just apply to the back of the neck and follow up with no swimming or washing for the next 3 days, and that's it!

Bravecto Spot-on gets absorbed into the system in both cats and dogs and distributes itself throughout the whole body.

As soon as a flea or tick bites, it has a quick death.

It will be in stock at BHVG towards late August or early Sept.

Avoid disappointment and call us on NOW on (02) 44485621 & PRE-ORDER A PACKET BEFORE TICK SEASON STARTS

N.B. Packaging will be different to the pictures below