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Dermcare shampoos

Dermcare logo 200Dermcare is an Australian Company based in Brisbane and is owned by two Veterinary Dermatologists. They make a range of normal and medicated shampoos that are leaders in the world of veterinary dermatology.

Dermcare shampoos: Pyohex, Malaseb and Aloveen

Dermcare shampoos have been formulated by Veterinary Dermatologists and have the following properties:

Dermcare shampoos do not strip out the oils from the skin and hairs, allowing insecticides like Frontline to adhere to the coat for longer periods.

Use of Dermcare products with lipid bound insecticides

With the advent of insecticides which bind to skin lipids for flea and/or tick control (e.g. Frontline Top Spot Plus, Advantage, Revolution), many have queried how these products are affected by shampoos.

All shampoos remove lipids to some degree. Even lipid-sparing products like Dermcare's Malaseb, Pyohex, Natural and Aloveen are lipid normalising in small amounts. The total amount of lipid removed will depend on the rate of shampooing.

Dermcare's novel base will remove lipids produced as a result of inflammation and spare those produced normally by the skin and sebaceous glands for antibacterial and antifungal activity.

For this reason, Malaseb and Pyohex contain no added keratolytic.

Sebolyse and Keritar are keratolytic, and will remove the lipids from the skin. They are not recommended in conjunction with Frontline Plus, Advantage or Revolution.

Dermcear Aloveen groupDermcare Malaseb groupDermcare Pyohex group



Dermcare Pyohex shampoo 250mlDermcare Natural shampoo 250mlDermcare Aloveen shampoo 250ml




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