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Desexing female cats- the advantages

1) Prevent unwanted pregnancies

There are approximately 12 million feral cats in Australia

Recent publicity has shown the serious problems feral cats cause in our National Parks with 99% of them being "dumped " as unwanted kittens.

2) Prevent " calling"

When in season, a female cat "calls", making a sound like a crying baby. This is to attract tom cats and usually occurs in the middle of the night. Male cats are attracted to the female and fights erupt.

3) Prevent wandering

A cat in season will wander and fight other cats resulting in abscesses. If desexed, this problem is reduced so she becomes a better family pet.

4) Prevent mammary cancer

Desexing at the right age gives 99-100% protection against mammary cancer later in life. This protection level drops dramatically the more seasons or litters the cat has.

Cats reach puberty by 6 months. The best time to desex is 5 months of age

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