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Desexing male cats- the advantages

There are many advantages to desexing male cats.

1) Lower the feral cat population

There are approximately 12 million feral cats in Australia

Recent publicity has shown the serious problems feral cats cause in our National Parks with 99% of them being "dumped " as unwanted kittens.

2) Prevent urine spraying

A male tom cat sprays urine in and around a home to mark his territory.

3) Prevent wandering

Tom cats search over large areas to find a female in season, often becoming victims to an encounter with a motor vehicle or another tom cat.

4) Reduce fighting and spread of disease

Desexing reduces fighting between male cats over territories or female cats in season. Fights often lead to visits to the Vet for treatment of wounds or abscesses. Many diseases are spread between cats during a fight when blood is spilled. Some of the more common ones are:

Cats reach puberty by 6 months. The best time to desex is 5 months of age

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