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Feline acne

Feline acne is a relatively common complaint in cats. It is an infection of the sebaceous glands of the chin. These glands are the chin-marking pheromone producers which cats use to mark their territory by "bunting", and are under hormonal control.


There are a number of possible initial causes including allergy to plastic food bowls, flea allergy. After the initial insult, secondary infection with some of the more commonly seen micro-organisms can start e.g.

These organisms are normal bacteria of the mucosal areas and are found in the gland and follicle openings.



Initially, in severe cases, the lesions are too painful to apply topical medication. In these cases, we use the following drugs:

Once the swelling and purulent material is reduced, Panalog ointment is applied twice a day

Quite often, feline acne resists these conservative attempts at treatment. This may be due to large amounts of dried pus or debris deep within the skin layers that cause a foreign body reaction. In such cases, we give the cat a general anaesthetic and squeeze out as much debris as possible, followed by a vigorous scrub with Malaseb shampoo.


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