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Introduction to Fleas

There is no doubt fleas are the number one irritant to pets and cause of visits to the vet. Approx. 5% of pets are allergic to the saliva from the bite of a flea.

One bite is enough to send them off on a mad chewing and scratching attack. It's similar to people who are allergic to bee stings- one sting can causes a very serious allergic reaction.

Did you know…?

There are approx. 7.2 million foxes and 12 million feral cats in Australia

For each flea seen today, there will be 50 adults in 10 days time
each laying 50 eggs a day giving a total of 2,500 eggs a day

Add another 10 days to this, and the 2,500 eggs are now adults
each laying 50 eggs a day giving a total of 125,000 eggs a day

One flea today represents 125,000 eggs in 20 days

Where Do These Fleas Keep Coming From?

Sounds bad?

These pages have information on fleas and how to beat them.