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Mosquitoe bite allergy in cats

 sometimes see cats with raised lumps or punched out ulcerated areas on their noses. The lesion can look similar to early skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) of the nose due to excessive exposure to UV light.

The lesions respond nicely to treatment with anti-inflammatories e.g. cortisone tablets and use of a fly repellent and restricting access to outside in the early morning and evenings when mossies are most active.

This cat was presented with lesions we suspected were due to mosquitoe bites. It responded very nicely to treatment.

If there had been no improvement, we would have to have performed skin biopsies to rule out other lesions e.g. skin cancer, feline herpes virus infection.

Skin mozzie 3Skin mozzie 1

Skin mozzie 2





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