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Luckily Dyson Is Insured

Dyson loves coming to visit us.  I'd like to think it's because we have saved him from several life threatening situations, but in reality I reckon it’s because of the liver treats on offer.

You will see from his story below that Dyson is our most operated on and expensive patient.

And why am I telling you Dyson’s story…

Dyson has well and truly lived up to his name. His owners made an extremely wise decision to take out Pet Insurance when he was a pup. Little did they realise that Dyson had a huge appetite for things other than food.

Pet insurance has saved Dyson’s owners thousands of dollars

At 8 months of age, his first major misadventure was eating a Rat Sac block. This required an after hours emergency visit, drugs to make him vomit (emetic) and antidote therapy (vitamin K) for a few weeks. Blood clotting tests were normal at the end of his treatment.

At 11 months of age, he swallowed some plastic coated wraps that got lodged in his stomach and caused him to vomit. On x-rays, we also found a pebble in his lower intestines. Luckily we were able to get him to pass these objects with IV fluids, a short stay in hospital and laxatives.

At 12 months of age, Dyson went the whole hog and swallowed 3 pebbles causing an acute blockage in his intestines. He underwent major emergency surgery to remove the pebbles. He had 3 days of intensive care, medications and IV fluids in hospital.

At 18 months of age, Dyson had severe vomiting and looked very dejected and dehydrated. X-rays showed he had swallowed 2 pebbles: one in his stomach and the other in his colon. He underwent emergency surgery to remove the pebble from the stomach (gastrotomy). We were able to massage the other pebble in his colon out though his bottom thereby avoiding a second incision in his intestines. This involved 3 days in hospital, medications and intensive care.

At 20 months of age, Dyson was bitten by a bee. His whole face swelled up to twice its normal size and his body was covered in hives. He required anti-histamine injections to settle it down.

One week later Dyson swallowed a large piece of raw bone which got stuck in his stomach causing him to vomit. X-rays showed it was causing a partial blockage. Luckily, after being placed on an IV drip for 24 hours and offered nothing by mouth, his stomach acids managed to dissolve the raw bone and it passed on through his intestines.

At 26 months of age, Dyson has a nasty skin infection requiring an extended course of antibiotics, skin tests, special shampoos and anti-inflammatory medications.

At 42 months of age, Dyson went around to a friend’s place to be looked after while his owners were away. It only took him a few minutes to find and eat a large number of Rat Sac blocks that had been laid out a few days earlier. He ate so many; we were worried he may not have brought them all up when he was given an emetic injection. As this particular type of new generation Rat Sac can last in the body for 50-60 days, Dyson had to have the antidote (vitamin K) for an extended time. We tested his blood clotting times on 2 occasions and he was eventually given the all clear.

If you are thinking about whether or not to take out pet insurance, Dyson's story should convince you of its vital importance.

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